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Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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      We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

      Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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        Whitepaper: Remanufacturing & 3D-Scanning

        Do you work in remanufacturing of replacement parts?
        If so, then you are also familiar with the challenges of
        quick and reliable identification of used parts (cores).

        Learn more about:

        • About the Core-Intake-Process
        • Challenges
        • Digital solutions that can help
        • Recommendations on how to proceed



        Remanufacturing & 3D-Scanning

        Request our Whitepaper "Remanufacturing & 3D-Scanning" today and learn everything about the trends and challenges in the remanufacturing space.